Tutankhamun : Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh


The greatest archeological discovery of History is coming back in Paris ! For this occasion, the event is housed by the Grand Hall of la Villette. Before conquering the french capital, the round-the-world wandering exhibition has ended in Los Angeles. All of this has been made possible only thanks to the building of the Museum of Gizeh, which will be the biggest archeological museum in the world. This is where the pharaonical treasure of the “KV62” will be hosted.

In 1967, the Little Palace already showed the mythical Pharaoh through the exhibition “Toutankhamon in his time”: a set of more than 100 items that came from his famous tomb. This exhibition had addep up 1 240 000 visitors which was the biggest success in France for that kind of event. Fifty years later, 150 items will be exhibited at La Villette, meaning that more than a third has never been to France. That is why this exhibition is unprecedented and remarkable: gold, precious stones and a guaranted success are expected, all the more so as many of this items will not be on world tour before decades.

A pharaoh unlike any other

When Howard Carter opens the grave on November 4, 1922, the discovery is amazing : in addition to being the only tomb in the valley that has never been looted over the centuries, it is also the one of an enigmatic characher of Egyptian history. Indeed Tutankhamun (born in -1345 and died in -1327 BC) would have reigned more or less ten years. This young pharaoh, probably dead of septicemia, had a baneful fate in the shadow of his reformist father Akhenaton, the pharaoh who shaked the New Empire and left a country at war to his successors. Thus, the nearly 3000 luxurious objects found in his tomb let us only imagine how rich and generous could have been the others valley tombs before being looted.

If the black legend of the curse of the Pharaoh has brought the tomb and its occupant to the rank of the most famous royal burial of the world, the archaeological treasure it contains remains to this day the most important discovery of history. The exhibition aims to give a glimpse of some of the most beautiful objects in the tomb, all of which have resisted more than two millennia. Unusual, intimate or simply breathtaking, the visitor will be blissfully uncovering among other things: his embroidered linen cavalry gloves, his child's throne, his quiver, the great guardian with his effigy that protected the entrance to the funeral room, his trunk, his sarcophagi, his pectoral jewelry, his miniature canopic coffin, his chariot or amulets. But the exhibition also invites us to relive the opening of the tomb by Carter and his patron Lord Carnarvon with archive footage. To see, review, and book as soon as possible !